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Celebrate Halloween with some fun ideas and safety tips to make this holiday festive. Since the holiday is falling the middle of the week, there are plenty of things you can do all day.

Celebrate Halloween

So, are you ready for some spooktacular fun? In the first place, start the holiday off by wearing a costume to school. However, check with your school as many schools have costume restrictions.

Because kids will be in school during the daytime, there are several events happening throughout the city in the early evening.

There is a Halloween Parade at 7:00. For those in a costume, you’re welcome to join a special section of the parade as part of the theme – I AM a Robot!

Additionally, there will be hundreds of artists, dancers and musicians. The location of the parade is on 6th Avenue North of Spring Street to 16th street.

Where to go Trick-or-Treat

If you live in the city, trick-or-treat will be all over the five boroughs. Indeed, there are some great spots for families to venture out for some fun and festivities.

Celebrate Halloween Safely

No doubt, kids of all ages get excited about dressing in costumes and going trick or treating. However, it is important that anyone under the age of 12, should not be alone. Equally important is for all kids to put away their electronic devices. Pay attention.

When crossing the street, make sure you look both ways. If you live in a busy area, make sure you use the cross walk and press the traffic signal to walk. In addition, make sure you walk on the sidewalk. And, it is important to stay in well-lit areas.

For any adult, it is important that you drive safely. Make sure you slow down in residential neighborhoods. Since kids tend to dart out everywhere; make sure you stay alert.

Happy Halloween!