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Celebrate July 4th with some great things to do. Because the holiday is a popular day for families and kids, let’s celebrate the day in a way that makes our country special.

Of course, holidays are a great way to get creative with your kids.  To make the day special, plan some fun activities and events to celebrate the country’s birthday.

July 4th Holiday Ideas

For most of us, July 4th is about fireworks. Because many young children get scared of the loud noise, don’t get too close to where the fireworks are going off. In other words, plan a fun activity to do while watching the fireworks. You can play a game in guessing how many red, white and blue fireworks is seen. The winner can get a special treat.

Barbecue or Party

Due to many families having big celebrations with relatives and friends, get your kids involved. You can have your kids cut up fruit, decorate the backyard, and playing some games with other children. While you’re busy preparing food, your kids will be busy with fun projects.

When you’re out shopping for food for the holiday, have your child pick out one or two items they want. Create a red, white and blue dessert.  Visit my National Fruit and Vegetable post for some suggestions. You can have your child add the blueberries, raspberries or strawberry’s. In addition, sugar cookies in various shapes are another option. Indeed, you can have your child create a flag, star, or firework design.

Independence Day Meaning

For the purpose of the holiday, teach your kids what the holiday means. It is important to give them examples for reasons to love our country. In the first place, ask your child what they know about the holiday.

Some other options for teaching kids about the holiday are to find a book about the history of our country. Also, you can study the Declaration of Independence with your kids. It is easy to get a copy of the Declaration of Independence. At the same time, take some flags and flowers to the cemetery to honor soldiers.

In addition, you may want to purchase a flag. It is important that children understand the true meaning of the colors of the flag. Let them know the American Flag stands for freedom.

  • Red stands for hardiness and valor
  • Blue stands for vigilance, perseverance and justice
  • White stands for innocence and purity

Moreover, many cities and towns have patriotic events taking place. Visit a historical site.


In conclusion, make this July 4th for your kids the best one to date.

As always, I welcome your comments.