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Superhero Parents

Superhero Parent Quiz: What Kind of Parent Are You?

Are you a superhero parent in disguise? Take this fun quiz to discover your parenting superpower and find out what kind of parent you are!

Question 1: It’s breakfast time, and your child wants something special. What do you do?
Question 2: Your child has a school project due tomorrow, and they forgot to mention it. How do you handle the situation?
Question 3: How do you react when your child has a disagreement with a friend?
Question 4: Your child wants to pursue a hobby or interest. How do you support them?
Question 5: How do you handle your child’s mistakes?
Question 6: Your child is upset about a bad grade. What do you do?
Question 7: How do you spend quality time with your child?
Question 8: Your child wants to talk about their dreams and aspirations. How do you respond?