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With our recent Holiday Work Out, there was a lot of excitement for the season with our fun basketball program. Because the kids had a lot of fun; the program continues to gain popularity with all of the kids. Be sure to visit our Third Holiday Winter Workout post to read more about our program.

Holiday Work Out

Indeed, Coach Henry, Coach Joe and Coach Turnball wanted to make this program fun. At the same time, the coaches wanted to make sure all the children learned good dribbling skills as well as maneuvering their way around the court.

In addition, the kids learned not only how to hustle and play the game; but also the art of basketball. Meanwhile, each kid was given encouragement throughout the program to practice layups, jump shots and much more. Not only did the kids learn new skills; but they left with learning the importance of hard work.

Holiday Work Out Summary 2020

So, Coach Henry used some fun drills he created as well as drills from the USA Basketball to encourage kids to have fun and play in a safe environment.

Since this was our third straight year, we have run this holiday work out program; we had many girls and boys. Also, we had many kids who were in attendance of our program for the first time.

Our free program offers kids the opportunity to learn and play some basketball under the guidance of our coaches.

Holiday Work Out Summary

When it comes to our program; we want each kid to have fun but also learn the importance of what goes into developing skills that leads to becoming a better basketball player.

In summary, each kid who attended our holiday work out received T-shirts.

Holiday Work Out Summary 2020

Did your kids attend our holiday work out? In fact, our coaches continue to care and want to help each kid feel confident.

Of course, all the kids are looking forward to our next event.

Finally, be sure to visit our blog and site often as we continue to roll out new programs for the upcoming year.

As always, I welcome your comments.