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With Thanksgiving around the corner, let’s talk about good nutrition. First and foremost, it is important that everyone eat healthier meals on a regular basis. So, are you ready for some healthy eating suggestions?

Good Nutrition Month

Since there are so many days and months dedicated to various food and nutrition days; today – let’s look at some good tips. With the holiday season beginning this month, it is important that you eat healthy no matter how old you are.

Tips on Replacing Unhealthy Eating

No doubt, making a few changes to our diet can be tough. However, it doesn’t have to be. The key is to start slow.

Since many people start their day off with a donut, muffin or croissant; you can begin your day by making a small substitution. Instead of eating a muffin or donut, make an egg or have a yogurt.

For lunch or dinner, instead of fast food, processed food, try to eat a healthier meal. First, take stock of what you have in your cabinets and refrigerator. Slowly, replace these items with healthier food choices such as fruits and vegetables.  Be sure to visit our National Fruit Vegetable Month post for some ideas on making this part of your everyday meals.

Improving your Diet With Good Nutrition

Are you ready to make changes to your diet? By making a few small changes to your diet; your overall energy and health with improve.

Another suggestion I have is instead of snacking on potato chips and candy; eat nuts. Nuts are a good source of fat, fiber and protein.

Be mindful of what you eat. If you’re the type of person who grabs something to munch on when watching television, try to find something healthy to eat. For some suggestions, please visit our Mindful Eating post for ways to curb some of your unhealthy food choices.

As always, I welcome your comments.

Happy Good Nutrition Month