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Youth sports will return in parts of New York beginning on July 6th. With this return of Phase 3, baseball, field hockey, and gymnastics are a few of the sports that will resume.

Youth Sports Return

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Youth Sports Return – New York

Due to many regions in the third and fourth stages of reopening; New York state is allowing two visitors per child to attend any sports game.

Indeed, this is positive news for the return of youth sports.

So, the following sports will begin next month in New York State:

  • Crew
  • Cross Country
  • Baseball
  • Gymnastics
  • Field Hockey
  • Softball

Meanwhile, several sports without a lot of physical contact, are not on the list to return right away such as:

  • Basketball
  • Football
  • Soccer

Although a lot of the state is reopening; New York City is the last region to reopen. With coronavirus cases continuing to decline; the state continues to reopen in stages.

New York City Plans to Reopen

Since New York City is behind in the phase process due to the density in population; the parks haven’t reopened yet.

At the same time, the first thing that needs to happen is the rims need to be back so the kids can go into the park and leisurely shoot baskets.

When the kids are permitted back into the parks; it will be important they maintain social distancing and wear masks.

New York City workers are reporting it could be a few more weeks before the rims are put back up. When this happens, it will be a good sign that things are returning.

In summary, when low-risk youth sports return; this is a step in returning to normalcy.