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Your vote is important. So, this election is one of the most important elections of our time. To read more about this important election; be sure to visit my November 3 is the Most Important Election in our Lifetime post.

Your Vote is Important

Since the world is dealing with a National pandemic; there are so many important issues on the table. Although there are other important issues; are you happy with the way Donald Trump has handled COVID-19 in this country?

In fact, not only is the pandemic a big issue; but there are also questions about the economy, racial injustice, and an open U.S. Supreme Justice Seat. Since there are 4 Judges in their 70s and now one in their 80s; these are all relevant in our daily lives.

In addition, climate change is another important issue. With a change in climate throughout the world; what will be done to help our climate?

Youth Vote is Important

With the election less than a week away; young people have been casting their votes early. Meanwhile, more people between 18 to 29 have already cast their ballot. Because every person 18 and older has a right to be part of this election; now is the time to show the world your voice.

We W.i.L.L.Thru Sports takes all of the issues facing the country seriously, Recently, we explored social justice when we had an educator speak to our youth at a mini-basketball camp. To read about the issues facing the world in regards to social justice; be sure to visit our Global Diversity Awareness Month post.

Cast your Vote

Moreover, it is important for all young people to realize the importance of this election. Not only is your vote important but your voice makes a difference.

Since many underestimate the power of young people; it is time to change that tide.

Indeed, young people have the opportunity to be leaders. To read about the importance of your voice; be sure to visit our Youth Leadership Month post.

Meanwhile, if you haven’t voted; now is the time to change that.

However, if you’re under 18, you can still help influence others. For instance, join a club. Show others in your community how much their vote counts. Hold a sign!

In summary, this is an important election. This is a moment for all young people to be involved in our democratic process. So, no matter how old you are; use your voice.

As always, I welcome your comments on why your vote is important.