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Yankees Win Division 2019

Yankees win division. Since 2012, the team hasn’t won the division. When the season first started, Aaron Boone’s objective was to win the division. Be sure to visit our New York Yankees Hire Aaron Boone post to read about his goals.

Yankees Win Division

Although the Red Sox have won the division the last three years; this season was much different. Be sure to check out our Red Sox Win Third Consecutive Title post.

After winning the World Series last year; it was clear from month one; this year’s Sox team was much different. Check out our Red Sox World Series Hangover 2019 post. Clearly, the Sox had a hangover from April until the last game of the season. As Alex Cora, Red Sox Manger, said, “this year’s team was consistently inconsistent”.

Last year, the Yankees team won 100 games. To read about last year’s post season; be sure to visit our Wild Card American League October 2018 post.  Due to many early injuries, this year’s team did it with different players each night.

New York Yankees Post Season

Now that the regular season is over; the playoffs begin on Tuesday, October 1st. Since the Yankees had the second best record in the American League East, they will face off against the Minnesota Twins on Friday, October 4th.

Because the Yankees have faced the Twins in the Wild Card Game in 2017; both teams have familiarity with one another after facing each other in the post season. Be sure to visit our Yankees Beat Wins in AL Wild Card Game post to see what happened last time the two teams matched up in the postseason.

At the same time, both teams have had 300+ home runs this season. The Twins had 307 home runs and the Yankees had 306.

In the regular season, the two teams played one another six times; and in six games the record was 4 – 2 in the Yankees favor.

Now, the regular season is over. The slate is wiped clean. Who will win the series?

As always, I welcome your comments.

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