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No doubt, the Yankees and Red Sox rivalry date back to 1919 when the Sox team owner, Henry Frazee sold Babe Ruth to the New York Yankees. After that, it took the Red Sox team 86 years to win another World Series. Since that time, the Yankees have gone on to win many World Series titles.

Yankees Red Sox Rivalry – Round One

Since the Red Sox broke the curse of the Bambino back in 2004; they have gone on to win two more titles after 2004. Over the last few years, the rivalry has seemed to die down. However last year, the rivalry was renewed. The Sox went onto win the division in 2017 by two games and that positioned the Yankees to be in the Wild Card Game. To refresh your memory, be sure to visit our American League Wild Card Game post.

Now this year, we have seen two first time managers hired at the helm for both teams. With the Yankees acquiring Giancarlo Stanton in the off-season and the Sox acquiring J.D. Martinez, it seems the rivalry is back. Be sure to check out our Yankees Acquire Giancarlo Stanton post to read more about this acquisition.

So last night’s game was round one. In the first place, the teams will meet a total of 19 games during the regular season. At the same time, both teams had their Ace on the mound. When the game started, Chris Sale was handed the ball. In my opinion, he didn’t have his best stuff. Although Sale gave up eight hits and a home run, he was able to strike out eight players and the Yankees only scored one run.

For the Yankees, they countered with their Ace, Luis Severino. In fact, Severino was coming off two good performances. Consequently, he didn’t have command of all of his pitches last night. The Red Sox scored five runs off of Severino in five innings before he was removed from the game. From that point on, the Sox continued to pile on runs while the Yankees were kept off the board.

Yankees Red Sox Series

The score on last night’s game was 14 – 1. So, time to turn the page. Yesterday, was game one of the three game series. Whether today is a different story or not, remains to be seen. But one thing for sure – the rivalry is back.

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