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World Children’s Day is today! So, if you’re not familiar with this important day; it is important to help each kid reach their dream and goals. Not only is this day important; but it is also about promoting awareness for kids worldwide.

World Children’s Day

When this day was started in 1954 by the United Nation General Assembly; their goal was to teach each of us about kids rights.

Of course, we all want a better world for our kids. Whether you’re a parent, relative, teacher, medical professional or professional; let’s get involved in achieving a better world for our youth.

Whether your kids are involved in classwork or an after school program; it is important that we spend time developing our kids skills. Be sure to visit our Youth Sportsmanship Behavior post

After all, education begins at home.

Celebrate World Children’s Day

The importance of this day is to create a better place for youth to have the potential to excel in all aspects of their life.

Of course, change is needed.

So, the following are some things you can do to help celebrate this day whether you have kids or not.

  • First, spend time reading a book or telling a story
  • Second, make sure any child you’re in contact with has the basic necessities such as: food, shelter and clothes
  • Third, encourage anyone you know to help children in learning. Be sure to read our International Literacy Day post for ideas on ways to help kids improve their skills.

Due to many of our youth lacking in basic skills; it is essentials for kids to be in school. In addition, it is imperative for kids to continue learning new skills. By kids being involved in everyday school and extra curriculum programs; they have the opportunity to achieve greatness later in life.

As always,  I welcome your comments on what you will do in support of World Children’s Day.