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We W.I.L.L. Thru Sports thanks you for your commitment to our non-profit. As the year comes to a close, we are committed to continue our efforts to incorporate sports and healthy living to our youth.

We W.I.L.L. Thru Sports Thanks You

Indeed, your contribution, generosity, gracious financial support have made us feel amazing. Of course, none of our work could be done without you. Your tireless effort in help us create the best programs for our youth.

At the same time, our goal is to continue to secure the best space. Moreover, we are looking for the best parks and gyms to hold our programs.

When we started our program; our goal was to make sure every kid has the chance to become successful. While we continue to host camps, clinics and tournaments; we also continue to do things for our community. Be sure to visit our Sunday Funday Winter Coat Drive and Book Bag Drive August 15 2019 posts to read about how we’re helping families.

Of course your generous time of volunteering at our events and financial contribution will go a long way in helping us make our program even better.

In essence, your generosity will make a huge difference in the lives of the youth we serve.

2020 Season in the Works

With your support, we have already started planning camps, clinics and tournaments throughout the year. In fact, we’re ending the year with our Winter Workout program. Be sure to check out our Third Holiday Winter Workout post for more information.

Meanwhile, we are going to have a yearly gift to one kid who shows maturity and continues to develop their skills throughout the year. Be sure to keep reading our blog posts for more information.

In summary, your faith has inspired us to continue to build our program.

So, show up and continue to help us build our community and program for our youth.

In conclusion, We W.I.L.L. Thru Sports thanks you for your generous support throughout the year.

Happy Holidays and a Happy and Healthy New Year from all of us.