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We W.I.L.L. Thru Sports is back with a bang! Hello to all our readers! We were away from blogging for the month of July but still busy with our Regulator travel team. We were also planning for our August camp sponsored by the NY Post. Click HERE to see our last Together As One Post which gives details about our camp. It also offers a huge thank you to the NY Post for their generosity year after year. 

We W.I.L.L. Thru Sports Is Back –  So, Let’s Catch Up!

We W.I.L.L. Thru Sports is back and has a lot to catch you up on as we entered into various tournaments during the past month. In one of these tournaments, we managed to make it to the playoffs. Now, we are getting ready for our second camp that focuses on strength training. So, stay tuned for our upcoming post to find out more on what to expect from this camp.

Olympics 2021

We have also been busy following the Olympics and have loved the impact these athletes have had on young people. What an incredible opportunity to watch all the athletes take the big stage and represent so many different countries! What role models we have watching athletes break their records, win medals, and, most importantly, put their best foot forward after years of training for those special moments. Click HERE for more on the closing out of an amazing 17 days of summer Olympic events in Tokyo.  

We Hope You Had A Great Summer!

Whether you were able to enjoy the Olympics or not, travel, or be a part of our summer events in one way or another, we hope all our readers have been having a good summer. We have missed you all and are back to share news about our activities. We’re here to tell you all that is transpiring in the sports world for both males and females.

Stay Tuned For Our Upcoming Summer Camp

Once again, we are gearing up for our next camp sponsored by the New York Post. In addition to this, we’re also getting ready to follow the start of the football season. We are back to inform you of how we continue to impact the lives of our youth and to give you the highlights of what’s hot in the sports world. So, get ready for more fun and informative blogs. Stay tuned for our next blog on the last camp of the summer.