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Hello, Everyone!

Since we last discussed the beginning of We W.I.L.L.’s Battle Of The Minds Tournament, we are glad to report the success of the program and share some highlights. We know that young people feel a sense of importance when they are given material gifts. These gifts can allow them to understand the importance of giving. With that in mind, we were able to provide trophies, bags, water bottles, and athletic wear to all our runners up and championship winners due to the NeOn Sports project.

Battle Of The Minds – Life Lessons Re-cap

Recapping on the life lessons we discussed in our last Battle of the Minds blog, communication was demonstrated on the court when teammates needed to run the plays and show they were opened to pass the ball.  Respecting each other was demonstrated by teams telling one another “good game” and showing sportsmanship whether winning or losing. Furthermore, the coaches reinforced taking responsibility for one’s own actions was reinforced when life lessons came into play. This included arriving on time and having proper athletic attire. Embracing diversity was apparent as young people of all shades played together each week with respect for their differences. Tournament commissioner also emphasized on key factors in learning from failures and celebrating successes throughout the program.

Smoothies For All During National Fruits And Vegetables Month

Since the Battle of the Minds Tournament took place during National Fruits and Vegetable Month, We W.I.L.L. Thru Sports volunteers provided healthy but tasty fruit smoothies. These were complimentary smoothies for all parents, players, staff, and volunteers.

Final Word

The Battle of the Minds tournament was a great way for young people to exercise their brain muscles beyond the observable game of basketball. It was an experience that spoke to young people’s mental well-being. It was just as importantly a safe space to have them off the streets during vulnerable hours. Additionally, it was a chance for them to showcase their skills and build their character. Although the Battle of the Minds Tournament has concluded, if anyone is interested in learning more about our programs please feel free to reach out at wewillthrusportsyt@gmail.com or call 646-470-1483.

Thank you and take care until next time!