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We’re back with the most-awaited update on our We W.I.L.L. After-School Champions! We W.I.L.L Thru Sports just wrapped up its after-school basketball tournament with the Neighborhood Charter School of Harlem. So, congratulations are in order for a very special 5th grader who earned the Sportsmanship award. Moreover, a huge shoutout goes to Andre Jackson who earned the  MVP. Speaking of which, Andre was also featured in one of our blogs from 2019 for his hard work and dedication. So, feel free to click here and take a look!

We W.I.L.L. After-School Champions

Going from Playoffs to Championship – The Journey of We W.I.L.L. After-School Champions!

The playoff games took place last week and heated up the curiosity as to who would make it to the championship this week. Participants who didn’t make it to the playoffs still felt extra special that they got to keep their uniform t-shirts from the tournament. The coaches still made it known that even those who didn’t make it to the playoffs and championship, still did a great job participating and earned their t-shirt for having good sportsmanship, being consistent, and never giving up.

Awareness of Higher Education

At the start of the tournament. All teams were named after a college as part of the program’s goal to bring educational awareness. This not only empowered but also taught young people that a bright future is for them. It brought about awareness for them to understand and value higher education. Congratulations to our team Gonzaga University who are the champions and Oregon University who came in 2nd place!

We W.I.L.L. After-School Champions – Lasting Impact

It was an emotional time for young people and the staff as the reality of this program coming to an end hit home. Although the tournament and after-school program have come to an end for this season, our young people have been positively impacted for life. School leadership expressed their love and appreciation for the program and understood the significance of being provided with the opportunity to host such a program. They also expressed their interest in having this program re-occur next season. In addition to this, our young people said that they had fun and they learned a lot from this program!

We W.I.L.L. After-School Champions

Final Verdict

Last but not least, We W.I.L.L. Thru Sports thanks everyone involved for making this after school program a success. We hope to come back and continue giving more young people access to high-quality sports programs. It will continue to be designed specifically to help them grow emotionally , mentally, and physically, and, ultimately, prepare them for a greater future.