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So, last night the Washington Capitals eliminated the Tampa Bay Lightening in game 7 in the Stanley Cup Eastern Conference finals. Be sure to check out our Stanley Cup Conference Playoffs

Washington Capitals Playoff Journey

Since the team has choked in the playoffs in the past; this years team has already surprised many people. When the playoffs started, the first team the Capitals faced were the Columbus Blue Jackets. Although many Analysts expected the Pittsburgh Penguins to win against the Capitals in round 2; this year’s Capitals had other ideas.

In fact, this was the third year in a row the Penguins met the Capitals. And, this year’s Capitals were up for the challenge. They won in six games and moved onto the Tampa Bay Lightening.

Washington Capitals v Tampa Bay Lightening – Eastern Conference Finals

Indeed, this year’s Capitals were ready to eliminate all of their postseason¬†woes from the past. When the series started the Capitals took a 2 – 0 advantage over the Lightening. But, the Lightening fought their way back into the games and made it a close series.

However, in Game 7 the Capitals came out strong in the first two minutes of play. From there they went on to score two more goals in the second period and shut-out the Lightening from scoring. In the final minutes of the game, another goal added to their lead. The final score was 4 – 0.

Washington Capitals – Stanley Cup Finals

Finally, this will be the first time since 1998 that the Washington Capitals have made it to the Stanley Cup Finals. For Alex Ovechkin, this will be the first time he will be in the finals. As Captain of the Capitals, he is considered one of the best players in the NHL. In addition, Ovechkin has led the NHL in goals seven straight times. Now, that he has made it to the finals, will his dreams come true of hoisting the Stanley Cup?

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