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Hello, Everyone!

We’re here with the much-awaited update on our A.M. workouts. We hope you’ve all been well, enjoyed your spring break, and are springing right into the nice weather these days. Moreover, since it is now baseball season and, of course, the first round of basketball playoffs, it’s time for us to share an update on the A.M. Workouts program!

Update On A.M. Workouts – We W.I.L.L. Hosts Scrimmage!

Speaking of basketball, We W.I.L.L. Thru Sports recently had a riveting scrimmage between Neighborhood Charter School of Harlem and the A.M. Workout participants. The energy and excitement in the air were incredibly palpable as both teams played their hearts out in the game. Additionally, parents, staff, and other community members cheered from the sidelines, letting our players know they were doing a great job. What’s more, the gym was jam-packed, both with people and enthusiasm.

And The Winners Were…

Congratulations to Neighborhood Charter School Huskies who won the scrimmage! Your efforts and hard work paid off and were displayed to all watching. Here’s a shout-out to all who participated and kept a good attitude throughout the game. You did a great job and We W.I.L.L. is proud of you all! There may have only been one winning team that day but it was a day filled with smiles and laughs.

Victory v/s Defeat: A Lesson Worth Learning

This brings us to an important life lesson we’d like to share with our youth. In life, victories and defeats come hand in hand. They are the two sides of the same coin. And while it may be a bit disheartening to lose at times. You must remember, failure is the first step to success. Defeat isn’t really a defeat until you decide to give up! So, those of you who didn’t win, let this defeat be an opportunity for you to learn more, work harder, and come back stronger in your next competition!

Thank you, Coach P and Referee Terrance!

Coach P facilitated this day making sure only the most experienced referee was present. Fair calls and a positive attitude are key for referees working with young ones. We thank Terrance for always taking time out of his busy schedule to give back to his community and help youth gain life-changing experiences and healthy living.

Coach P, with an always modest demeanor, has truly made the Saturday morning program come alive. Young people are learning and changing. Moreover,  they are growing because of Coach P and his unique coaching style. For more info about what makes a good coach, see our previous blog from National Coaches Day.


Hosting this scrimmage gave 20+ young people a healthy and fun activity to engage in on their day off from school. It exposed them to healthy competition, other community members, and an opportunity to demonstrate the hard work they put in all year long. Last but not least, we hope to bring you another update on the different ways the A.M. Workouts program has made an impact on our youth and their families. Stay tuned for more updates on A.M. Workouts and how this program continues to add value to the communities we work and live in.