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Hello, Everyone!

Our Transformation Tuesday program is beginning for all participants between 17 to  23 years of age. This program was put in place to address the public safety issue in the neighborhoods where our young people live.

The Need For Transformational Tuesdays

The involvement of 17 to 23 years old individuals in criminal gang activities is alarming. These negative and life-threatening activities surround them on a daily basis Hence, there needs to be an outlet for individuals falling in this age range. In addition, these youth need a safe space to escape the bitter realities of their neighborhoods. Additionally, participation in sports is essential for these youth as it can provide them with a healthy outlet for their unresolved or raging emotions.

Hence, our Transformational Tuesday program will help the participants learn how to grow their minds and see what success could look like for them. Moreover, it will guide them on how to be the best versions of themselves. Additionally, these youth will learn to apply the teachings of our program beyond Tuesday nights.

Open Gym-Structured Workouts

The program’s structure will consist of high-quality structured programming, including strength and conditioning as well as back-to-the-basics training for improving your game. A transformational coaching style will be implemented to push our young people to improve their game and move toward greatness. In other words, this is the one program youth in this age range will not want to miss.


Transformational Tuesdays is a unique opportunity for you to have a safe space, play basketball, and improve both your game and your life beyond what you could ever have imagined!