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Greetings, Everyone!

We’re here with the much-awaited update on Transformational Tuesdays. Speaking of which, since our last blog on our new program, Transformational Tuesdays, we have doubled in numbers. Our program began just a few weeks ago and has spread to many youths in the community. Many young people up to age 23+ are showing up to play basketball and, in essence, increasing their life satisfaction.

Transformational Tuesdays – It’s More Than Basketball

Week 2 discussed financial freedom and what that would do for participants and their families. The discussion involved learning successful ways to gain financial freedom. The “cost” on youth and their families if financial freedom is NOT gained was all part of a great discussion and much “food for thought”. Young people are showing up to play basketball but leaving with invaluable wisdom due to Coach P’s transformational coaching approach.

Remembering To Have Fun

While thought-provoking conversations are critical, Coach P masters when to bring the fun into all aspects of life. The youth had a chance to play full 5 on 5 games of basketball. Moreover, being mindful of house rules to respect each other and the game of basketball was emphasized. It was refreshing to see over 2 dozen young adults all engaged, working hard, laughing, getting along, and knowing how to have fun at the end of the day. Youth left tired, hard work, and happy!

Last Word

Stay tuned for further updates on how this powerful transformational program is unfolding. If you know anyone who needs to be a part of this, call 646-470-1483 or click here to sign up.