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Hello to all our readers! We have been away the past few weeks due to workload. There was a lot going on. However, we are back now and ready to share what we have been up to. Please, read on to find out about the Together As One Weekend Sports Camp held last weekend.

Together As One Weekend Sports Camp

We W.I.L.L. Thru Sports collaborated in a Together As One Weekend Sports Camp including the importance of strength and conditioning. We welcomed young participants from all walks of life. However, the most exciting part for us was seeing so many female participants interested in sports. Not only was it impressive but also very heartwarming to watch them take interest in playing basketball and living a healthy lifestyle.

Happy Belated Daughter’s Day

We W.I.L.L. Thru Sports acknowledges the positive impact sports have on female athletes.  Hence, we continue to seek out female athletes for programming. Last week, our country celebrated Daughter’s Day where we recognized the love and kindness of our children. Every one of our female athletes is a daughter to someone. Fostering love and kindness through sports can go a long way for our youth.

Whether you are a parent, family member, coach, or mentor, it is important to raise your young ladies with love and support. Encourage them to participate in sports throughout their childhood and adolescence. Help the females in your lives realize that the sky is the limit for them. They can do anything they put their mind to. You must do your best to help them be the best version of themselves.

New Trends- Where Our Focus Is Headed

As we keep in mind the importance of nurturing our female athletes, we have noticed the overall decrease in physical activity from many of our youth. We have also noticed the lack of socialization skills post-pandemic. During the camp, it was important to recognize where the need now lies. Our coaches paid special attention to certain young people who needed extra guidance and attention due to these trending issues that We W.I.L.L. is ready to take on.

Stay Tuned for Fall Programming

We W.I.L.L. is looking forward to this upcoming season addressing the current concerns that our young people are faced with. Please continue following us as we will be sure to give you details on our next event. As always, we appreciate the support we are given through your time, donations, and spreading the word so we can keep touching as many lives as possible.