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We W.I.L.L. Thru Sports is excited to announce their Summer basketball camp program for 2018. In the first place, this program was started by Henry Perez and Joe Cifone. So, this years camp is June 25th – June 28th and will be for boys and girls ages 7 – 15.

Together as One Basketball Camp

Ultimately the goal for our basketball camp remains the same. Not only do kids come to camp to learn new skills, but also to participate on whatever level they’re on. In the same way, the purpose of this camp is to impact youth sports. Not only does this camp offer kids the ability to learn a new sport, but also enables the kids the opportunity to get off the street and into a safe environment.

Benefits of Together as One Basketball Camp

As a kid develops new skills, they have the ability to play the sport well. By coming together, the kids are able to develop new friendships and enhance their skills. In addition, all kids are able to learn the same skills regardless of their age. No doubt, these skills we are teaching are important from the beginning of basketball camp to the end.

If we’re able to teach kids new skills, we’re doing our job. For instance, younger kids can pick up skills on how to play the game. And, we hope we can help older kids break any bad habits.

Of course, the obvious benefit of this camp is for kids to have a great time. So, not only will the kids have a lot of fun, but they also will be getting better at basketball. With our coaches and volunteers, the kids will learn different ways of ball-handling . By having so many different coaches and volunteers involved, the kids can learn from their coaches experience. Indeed, this gives each kid the chance to improve their skills as a basketball player.

Ultimately, our basketball camp is both technique and training based. In summary, participants will receive T-shirts, awards and certificates just for coming to camp. When you walk away from camp, hopefully you learnt new skills as well as develop as individuals.

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