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Tiger Woods and Peyton Manning were the champions for the Golf Tournament that helped raise over twenty million dollars to go to coronavirus relief efforts.

Peyton Manning v Tom Brady

Although Manning and Brady were often matched up in NFL Championship Games; it was their sportsmanship efforts that shined in an effort to raise money for a worthwhile cause.

In fact, both Manning and Brady matched up in 17 football games. Indeed, many thought this was one of the biggest rivals in the NFL.

Since Manning retired from football; Brady has gone on to play at a high level since. To read more about Tom Brady’s illustrious career; be sure to check out our Tom Brady #12 Patriots Journey post.

In the NFL; Manning had a higher number of passing yards and touchdowns than Brady.

Coronavirus Sports Cancellations

With the worldwide pandemic; the sports world has canceled games throughout the season. Be sure to read our Coronavirus Sports Cancellation post to learn about the impact COVID-19 has had on sports teams worldwide.

So, it was nice to see this golf tournament come together for both sports and a charity.

Tiger Woods and Peyton Manning

When 2 of the best in the NFL came together to face off in the Champions for Charity; there was a lot of trash talk leading up to the event.

Before the match-up, Tiger and Peyton were the favorites to win.

Since Tiger has been in great form recently; it was impressive to see his competitiveness shine in this charitable tournament. In addition, to both Manning and Brady being rivals in the NFL; also Woods and Mickelson have also been rivals throughout their career in professional golf.

In this tournament, both Mickelson and Brady weren’t as sharp early on. However, Brady had a good shot to make it close later in the game. Although the tournament was competitive; it was Tiger Woods and Peyton Manning that won the match-up that will help relief efforts for COVID-19.

So, at the end of the day, Manning has won the golf tournament to have bragging rights over Brady.