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Get ready to join us for our upcoming event, i.e., the basketball clinic. Yes, you read it right. We W.I.L.L. Thru Sports is just one week away from having you join us for our special basketball clinic with Mr. Kevin Hamilton Sr.

A preview of Mr. Kevin Hamilton Sr.

Mr. Hamilton Sr. graduated in 1980 from Iona College as a Hall Of Famer (HOF) after being raised in the projects of Harlem, NY. He was also drafted to the Boston Celtics and has continued his career. He has been helping and inspiring many young people with his talent. However, despite having gone from the streets of NY to the corporate world, Mr. Hamilton has never forgotten about his roots. Moreover, he understands the importance of helping others. He is well aware of the role he can play in guiding our youth to be better. Click HERE to learn more about this amazing gem of a person who will be joining us at the Basketball Clinic.

The Basketball Clinic – Let’s Do Our Part

We hope that many of you have spread the word so that more young people can benefit from this precious opportunity. If you are just learning about this, then there is still time! It’s up to us to help our youth succeed. While knowing that there is a free opportunity for our youth to engage in healthy activities is important, taking action and spreading the word is more impactful. Young people having the opportunity to interact with and learn from a professional basketball player/coach/mentor will definitely be an eye-opener. It will help them get a better understanding of how to navigate athletics and education.

Final Word

We are anticipating a great turnout excited to hear much more of his story and victories. Hence, we heartily invite you to join us to learn more about Mr. Hamilton Sr. and his journey to success. So, be sure to visit our first Basketball Clinic post to view the flyer and get the details of the event we will be hosting on February 12th, 2022 between 9 am -12 pm.