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We W.I.L.L. Thru Sports’ A.M. Workouts are winding down, everybody! Yes, you read it right. We will be running the A. M. Workouts for 2 more weekends. After that, we will be getting ready for the summer programming. Speaking of which, for the past 22 weekends, coaches and volunteers have been working with our young people to learn the fundamentals of basketball. They have been striving to change parents’ and participants’ mindsets regarding healthy living.

The A.M. Workouts – A Quick Recap

Here’s a quick recap on how the A.M. Workouts Program has enhanced our participants’ & parents’ perceptions. The following programs played a key role in helping us spread awareness regarding the benefits of leading a healthy lifestyle.

  • Mindset Coaching

Parents had the opportunity to see areas in which their child needed improvement (both behavior and skills) and get coaching on how to support them off the court

  • Basketball Coaching

Particular agility training and defensive drills were intentionally chosen to maximize each participant’s potential in sports and physical activities.

  • Special events

The Coaching Clinic with our special guest speaker was held on 2/12/22. It proved to be quite successful in encouraging our youth to adopt healthy lifestyles. In addition to this, our Jr. NBA Skills Challenge held on 4/30/22 also played its part in encouraging our youngsters to adopt healthy eating & living habits.

Results Of A.M. Workouts

Much improvement has been observed in youth participants considering the open program structure. These A.M. workouts were a golden opportunity for parents to have their young people be a part of high-quality, free programming without the commitment fee and being there every week. We know life brings many challenges. The A. M. workouts were all about collaboration with our community partners to provide a high-quality affordable program giving youth in the community access to the same opportunities as other young people.

Final Word

Being that the A.M Workouts have an open structure. Anyone can join us for the next 2 weeks in case you are just learning about this. Because there is no substitute for commitment and consistency, it would still be beneficial to get in touch and learn more about upcoming programming as we approach summer 2022. A job well done goes to all involved for making A.M. Workouts a success.