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The Tampa Bay Lightning wins the Stanley Cup. When the season ended officially on May 28th, 24 teams made the playoffs. In the second round, the Lightning played the Boston Bruins and eliminated them; they looked like the team to win it all. To read more about how they beat the Bruins who had the best record in the regular season; be sure to visit our NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs Update post.

With all the NHL playoff teams being in the bubble for the last several months; it has been a strange time for both the fans and the players. Without any fans and players being away from their homes for the last few months; the players rose to the occasion.

Tampa Bay Lightning

In the regular season, the Tampa Bay Lightning finished second behind the Boston Bruins in the Eastern Conference. When the playing resumed at the beginning of their second training camp in June; the team played well throughout the Stanley Cup playoffs.

When they moved on to the Stanley Cup finals to face the Dallas Stars; they were expected to win it all. Although the Dallas Stars were in control of Game 1; over the next three games, the Lightning went ahead in the series. In Game 5, the Stars made the series more interesting by winning. However, the Lightning came out strong in Game 6 and defeated the Stars by a score of 2 – 0.

Tampa Bay Lightning Wins the Stanley Cup

In 2004, the Lightning defeated the Calgary Flames. Now,16 years later with different players; the team has done it again.

After the Stars came back in Game 5 in an overtime victory; you may have wondered who was going to be the last team standing. Since the Lightning showed why they were the better team throughout the playoffs, they clearly showed high energy and played well as a team.

Now, that they have won their second Stanley Cup in franchise history; what is next for the team? With salary caps, the team will definitely have a few new players next season; however, their core players will most likely still be with the team.

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