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Super Bowl LIII Weekend 2019

What are your plans for the Super Bowl? Are you having a party? Or, are you going to a party or event? No matter what you’re doing this upcoming weekend; we have some ideas to bring out the fun.

NFL Conference Round Playoffs 2019

NFL Conference Round begins this weekend. So, last weekends divisional winners were all won by the home team. To read more, check out our NFL Divisional Rounds post.

2019 NFL Playoff Picture

Now that the regular season has officially ended, the 2019 NFL playoff picture is all set. So, let’s take a look at what teams will be playing.

Philadelphia Eagles Win Super Bowl

After the Philadelphia Eagles lost to the Patriots in the Super Bowl in 2005; this was a rematch that was highly anticipated. In the first place, both teams were the Number 1 Seeds in their Conference. To read more on this, visit our NFL Divisional Playoffs 2018 post.

Super Bowl Party Shopping Ideas

Are you hosting a Super Bowl party? Today’s post will have you ready to host the perfect big game party. Even if you’re not a big football fan; there are some fun family activities you can do today.

New England Patriots Against Philadelphia Eagles

The New England Patriots will play the Philadelphia Eagles in Super Bowl LII. So last time these two teams matched up in the Super Bowl was in 2005.

NFL Divisional Playoffs 2018

After the Wild Card Weekend, the NFL Divisional round of the playoffs is set. First and foremost, there were surprises in the Wild Card match up games. For more on the match ups; visit our NFL 2018 Playoff Picture post.

NFL 2018 Playoff Picture

So, the NFL 2018 Playoff picture is all set. Since there were several playoff spots available entering Week 17; the first round is all set.

New England Patriots Clinch Division

For the 9th straight year in a row, the New England Patriots Clinch the division. In the first place, the game between the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Patriots had plenty of excitement.