2020 NFL Schedule Release

With the 2020 NFL schedule out late yesterday; are you ready to circle the following games on your calendar? Since we’re in the middle of a pandemic; I’m sure most of you have been looking forward to this.

New England Patriots Clinch Division

For the 9th straight year in a row, the New England Patriots Clinch the division. In the first place, the game between the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Patriots had plenty of excitement.

Quarterback Eli Manning benched

So today was a sad day for Eli Manning. This has taken the NFL by surprise as many consider Manning to be a dependable and consistent player.

NFL Midseason Review 2017

Since ten weeks have gone by, today’s post is about the NFL midseason. As we’re a little bit more than half way through the season; we’re beginning to see some front-runners in several divisions.

NFL Season Kicks Off 2017

For Football lovers, the NFL season kicks off this week. As the season begins, we can look forward to the anticipation and excitement of Fall football.