Wild Card American League October 2018

The Wild Card game will be in New York after they clinched home field advantage. So, Yankee fans get ready. With the Yankees playing good ball the last week of the regular season, there is hope that this team will make it far in the playoffs.

MVP MLB American League Player Race 2018

With the season winding down, there are already some strong candidates for the MVP MLB award race in both leagues. So today’s post will let you know the top candidates to watch as we head into the tail end of the season.

MLB All Star Game Roster 2018

Are you ready for next week’s MLB All Star Game? First and foremost, the roster has been set for the American League and National League.

New York Yankees Clinch A Playoff Spot

The Yankees clinch a playoff spot this past weekend. At the same time, this year’s New York Yankee team has surprised a lot of people this season.

Cleveland Indians 20th Straight Win

Well the Cleveland Indians are on a roll. Last night was their 20th straight win. So, usually a team doesn’t win 20 straight games in professional sports.

Yankees Outplay Boston Red Sox

In the first place, the Yankees outplay the Red Sox in their final meeting of the regular season. Because the Yankees lost the last two series against the Red Sox, this series was important.