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Mary Woods and Henry Perez had a surprise wedding. Although Mary and Henry have been friends for over 10 years; recently their relationship took a turn and grew into something more.

Surprise Wedding Announcement

Although Mary and Henry were hoping to have a small wedding on April 24th; due to COVID-19, they had a small intimate wedding with a few immediate family members. On Mary’s side, both her mother, Dianne, and her sister, Deborah were in attendance, and on Henry’s side, his son, Aren was there.

Because of the quarantine, Mary’s brother wasn’t able to attend the wedding; however, Mary’s Mom stood next to her as she entered the room and gave her a kiss on the cheek before she stood next to Henry.

Since everything was very nontraditional and not part of their original plans; everything turned out really well. Mary and Henry performed a hand-holding ceremony in which they demonstrated how well they belong together. Of course, they held onto each other and will stick together, build a future, and strengthen one another.

In addition, they performed a wine ceremony to symbolize their two lives coming together; and drinking from the cup of life, and sharing all of their experiences which was bittersweet. Meanwhile, they created their own vows and read them aloud.

In the same fashion, Mary wore her Mom’s dress; and Henry wore a black tuxedo and a fuchsia bow tie; because fuchsia is Mary’s favorite color.

Of course, there are no words to describe the love between Mary and Henry. Since they kept this small, they hope to be able to celebrate their special day with both family and friends at a later celebration this summer.

Wedding Celebration

Since no restaurant delivered food, they had hot appetizers and fresh Italian pastries instead of a traditional wedding cake.

Celebrating through the quarantine didn’t stop them from having a lot of fun.

So, their first dance was to John Legend’s “All of Me” and they continued to dance the night away.

After their first dance, they continued to dance to Celebration by Kool and the Gang and other fun tracks by the Four Seasons, Hip Hop, Pop, Soca Artists, and R & B selections. Moreover, they even did the limbo and followed along with other line dances with family members.

Altogether their day was very touching. In essence, they all agreed the day was a lot of fun and there was a lot of love in the “Air”.

With Mary and Henry’s devotion and love; they are holding onto hope, love, and wish everyone to stay safe, social distance.

In celebration of Mary and Henry’s love story; let’s wish them a lifetime of joy and love.