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Hello, Everyone!

We’re here with the summer update on our activities and engagements. Speaking of which, we know you missed us and we missed you too. We W.I.L.L. has been very busy since the start of summer 2022. We were holding basketball practices for our Regulators basketball team and entering the team into tournaments. There was a lot going on which rendered us unable to post an update on our activities.

However, we’re back now and are ready to tell you all what we have been up to this summer. So, let’s begin, shall we?

Summer Update No. 1 – The “I AM” Tournament

Our first summer update involves the community neighborhood tournament that we have been hosting during the summer. It has been named “I AM” this year. The tournament commissioner, Coach Perez, wants to remind all the participants that they are all special in their own unique ways. There is significant meaning behind the phrase “I am” and it’s up to us to decide what follows those impactful words or how we define them. Our words can become our actions. That’s the beauty and power of words!

The Presence of NYPD

This tournament, just like Our Lives Matter, is teaching youth about self-worth and respect on and off the court. Just as importantly, this tournament is building a sense of community and strengthening relationships between participants, volunteers, and the NYPD. We are thankful to the NYPD for wanting to help us bridge the gap between police officers and our young people.

Summer Update No. 2 – Overcoming Covid-19 Challenges

COVID-19 has led to scheduling challenges because, inevitably, coaches and young people have tested positive at one point or another. Last-minute changes were necessary for keeping the ball rolling. Despite the challenges, young people, coaches, referees, and the staff are enjoying true competitive NYC basketball and pushing through. The goal is to still have a successful program for our most vulnerable youth despite the challenges of Covid-19.

Final Word: Stay Updated As The Summer Rolls On

Finally, we are back now and you can expect a lot more exciting stuff to be shared with you. So, stay tuned for updates on the Regulators. Stay with us as we discover who our I Am tournament champions will be. We have a few more weeks left of this tournament. So, we will soon come back with an update on the winning team that gets to take the trophy home. Until then, stay safe, stay healthy, and stay cool.