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A lot of love and care went into once again, a successful Winter workout program for the kids during the most recent holiday break.  Since most kids enjoy sports, this program has increased in attendance and popularity. To read more about our program, visit our Holiday Sports Winter Workout post.

Successful Winter Workout

Ultimately, We W.I.L.L. Thru Sports had the usage of a really nice gym. Not only did the kids all have a great time; but they were able to get in a lot of exercises.

In fact, what made this program so successful, was there were many different ages in attendance. Because of the different ages of the kids, they were split up into groups. Our drills accommodated the drills of some of the younger kids.

Successful Winter Workout Program

Of course, it was a great feeling to have so many individuals take time out of their schedule to be there as a volunteer to coach the kids while they were on vacation.

Successful Winter Workout Program

Since Henry directed the program, he was thankful for the assistance of Ms R, Coach Turnbull, Pastor Terry Branson, George, Coach  Will and Coach Rousseau for the assistance and commitment on a volunteer basis.

Because of the coaches and volunteers, the kids were eager to learn new skills. In addition, Ms R devoted her time to working with each of the female participants.

In fact, due to the coaches and volunteers devotion; many of the kids were committed, even when they were challenged. Not only did each kid have high expectations; but they were also dedicated to going after their goals with intensity.

Successful Winter Workout Program

Since the kids enjoyed the drills so much, they especially liked the:

  • Back peddling at half court
  • Diagonal slides
  • Running up and down the court
  • Shooting drills

In summary, the work the coaches and volunteers put into making this program a success was greatly appreciated.

Successful Winter Workout Program

Due to the successful Winter workout program, we will continue to develop this program and other programs going forward during school break.

As always, I welcome your comments.