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So, our successful driveway minicamp brought kids, volunteers, and coaches together for a day of basketball, drills, and positive messages about what is happening in their community and throughout the country.

Successful Driveway Minicamp Review

When the day started, we repeated the COVID-19 checklist. In addition, we took everyone’s temperature before proceeding. So, everyone’s temperature was within normal limits; and cleared to participate.

Since the beginning of our minicamps; we have seen progress made in skills and awareness of all of the participants.

Minicamp Review

Similarly to our other programs, everyone started the day doing intense calisthenic exercise. After that, everyone broke into groups of two by age.

Meanwhile, one group stayed with Coach Henry and the other group went with Deborah Woods to explore the importance of social justice.

Throughout the day, activities, rich discussions, and examples of current activists; kids learned about the importance of getting involved in social justice issues they care about.

Moreover, as the day continued, the groups switched. Of course, it was nice to see participants not as tired as the first driveway camp. To read more about our first event; be sure to visit our One Day Mini Basketball Camp post.

By switching things up from the first time, everyone watched videos and practiced on their own. As the kids became more comfortable; they were able to get into a rhythm.

Meanwhile, any new participants enjoyed having the opportunity to play basketball; as well and have a discussion where they could be respectful and honest about their feelings on stereotypes and systemic racism

Also, each kid spent time learning:

  • Bodyweight workouts
  • Ball dribbling activities

Equally Important – each of the kids was made aware of spatial awareness.

Uplifting Success

In fact, each participant received a T-shirt that brings awareness to the injustice that has occurred in low economic and African-American communities in which many of these kids live in.

Successful Driveway Minicamp Review

In essence, all of the kids were really appreciative of the shirts; as well as many of the parents’ wanted to purchase additional ones.

With these new ideas; each kid became more aware of the community and how they can make a difference. The activities and presentation along with the messages had the kids light up. Many of the kids realized how they can turn their actions into positive results in their community.

We are confident that each of these kids is capable of making things better. Whether at home, school or in their community; each kid can make a difference.

The successful driveway minicamp went better than expected.  Of course, we continue to see progress as the kids gain confidence as the day went along. And, maybe each of these kids learned new things while not missing a beat.

In conclusion, be sure to visit our site often as we continue to have updates and sports news.