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Once again, Together as One hosted a successful basketball camp program. To read more about this year’s camp program; be sure to visit our Together as One Basketball Camp post.

Successful Basketball Camp Program

We W.I.L.L. Thru Sports works hard to put on a basketball program that develops opportunities for girls and boys. Not only is this program about our youth learning better skills; but also in building relationships with their peers.

Successful Basketball Camp Program

In our 9th year, we had an average of 25 kids per day. Not only did these kids work really hard; but they also were troopers in the really hot weather. Consequently, everyone looked forward to their water break – lol.

Successful Basketball Camp Program

Many of our campers were in awe of their experience. Hence, one camper – age 10 reported “They wanted to improve their attitude and work harder”. Another camper, age 10 said “I liked the structure of the program and how hard the coaches pushed me”. Similarly, comments of such were also made from an 11 and a 12 year old. Also, a 16 year old liked the progress made as a team.

In summary, all of the participants received T-shirts and were awarded medals for their participation in Together as One’s program.

What Made Together as One a Successful Basketball Camp

In the first place, our camp was a huge success due to our leader, Henry Perez and Joe Cifone. In addition to the coaches, volunteers and guest speakers; our youth walked away with a positive experience. At the same time, our speakers spoke about their experience and how sports shaped them into the person they are today.

Not only did the guest speakers talk about their participation in sports; but also what type of careers they had and today’s youth had the opportunity to be anything they wanted.

Also, we had two Hall of Famers who played basketball join us. One was from Iona College and the another from the Dominican College. All in all, our speakers had successful careers in various professions. One was founder of Dribble N Dimes Podcast, one was a Criminal Defense Attorney, one was an Aero Space Engineer and one was a overseas basketball player who graduated from the University of Pittsburgh.

Indeed, the kids walked away with a lot of swagger in their step from all of the positive reinforcement.

Thank You for a Successful Basketball Camp Program

Of course, we couldn’t have run this program without the assistance of so many individuals. A heartfelt thank you to all of the parents who were there everyday. Also, we appreciated the parents who brought water, food and keeping their kids on track every day.

A big thank you to the following Coaches.

  • Fred
  • Leisel
  • Mugsy
  • Tiffany
  • Turnbull

Also, a big thank you to all of our speakers who were positive role models for all of the youth.

  • Jamie
  • Kevin
  • Laura
  • Loly
  • Manny
  • Will

Meanwhile, we all felt your love in the park each and every day and look forward to continued success when we celebrate the camps 10 year anniversary next year.

As always, I welcome your comments on our successful basketball camp program.