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So, it took 52 years, but the St Louis Blues win their first Stanley Cup in an exciting playoff series against the Boston Bruins. To read more about this series, be sure to visit our St Louis Blues v Boston Bruins post.

Boston Bruins

No doubt, this playoff series between the Boston Bruins and the St Louis Blues had all of the making for an exciting match-up. When they met 49 years ago in the Stanley Cup final; the Bruins defeated the Blues by a Bobby Orr goal.

In this series, the Bruins first line never performed. Through the entire series, the Bruins were out played. Moreover, most of the Bruins goals came from power plays. To read more about their loss, be sure to check out our Boston Bruins Stanley Cup Loss post.

St Louis Blues Win First Stanley Cup

Since many analysts never expected the Blues to make it this far; it was a surprise to many they won their first cup. Ironically, the Blues were the underdogs in this series and the Bruins were expected to hoist the Stanley Cup. However, the Blues had other ideas.

Throughout the series, the Blues played really well. Furthermore, they clicked on all cylinders.At the same time, Jordan Binnington was the key to this victory. In the first period, the Bruins were aggressive in their play. Binnington was able to save 32 shots from going in the net. With his superior goaltending, Binnington kept his team in the game.

Though the Bruins out shot the Blues in the first period; the Bruins weren’t able to get a puck past Binnington.When the game ended, Binnington’s teammates surrounded him in victory

Now, that the St Louis Blues win their first Stanley Cup; what is next for this team? And, for the Bruins – this wasn’t their night. In summary, the Bruins top first line will have the off season to ponder this series and to figure out what their top six will be when the new season begins.

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