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With sports back; what are you watching? So, this past weekend, you could turn on your television and find baseball,  basketball, and hockey on. Not to mention, you can also find golf, soccer, and tennis on as well.

Sports – What are you Watching

Since the 60-game season is underway in baseball, the NBA has started playing in Florida and the round-robin rounds began in the NHL this past weekend; you can find almost any sport on at any time.

To read more about the MLB; be sure to visit our MLB Season Will Begin July 2020 post.  Now, that baseball is back; there have been several issues already. For instance, many professional players and staff have tested positive for COVID-19. At the same time, there have already been games canceled as well as talks on shutting down the season.

Also, this past weekend, the puck dropped and round-robin tournaments started. To read more about the teams returning to the ice; be sure to check out our NHL 24 Team Post Season post.

When the season came to a halt in March; the Boston Bruins had the best record. To read more about the Bruins; be sure to visit our Boston Bruins Win Presidential Trophy post. However, after an exhibition game and a round-robin game; the Bruins looked rusty in their return.

In the NBA, the games are underway in Florida. To read more; be sure to check out our NBA Released Regular Game Schedule post.

Moreover, cycling, golf, tennis, and other international sports are underway. Although some have already started up; several will begin later this month.

Are no Fans a Challenge

Since three professional sports are back; is the lack of fans an issue? In my opinion, watching any sports game right now has a different vibe. When I was watching the Red Sox v New York Yankees games this past weekend; it seemed strange not seeing any fans yelling in the stands.

And, the same went for basketball and hockey. How will the players and teams do without any fans? Without fans to cheer in the stands; the players on the bench will be making their own noise.