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The second round Stanley Cup playoffs will begin tomorrow. So, now that several teams have been eliminated; excitement is building.

Second Round Stanley Cup Playoffs

Since many series went seven games, many of the second round Stanley Cup playoff match-ups have been set. Although most of the teams know who they will be playing, the New York Islanders second round schedule is set. However, the Islanders don’t know who they will play as of yet.

Will the Islanders play last year’s Stanley Cup Winner, the Washington Capitals. To read more about last year’s Stanley Cup; be sure to visit our Washington Capitals Win First Stanley Cup post. Or, will they face the Carolina Hurricanes? No matter who they face; they know they will begin the second round either in Washington, or at home against the Hurricane’s. Either way, their first game will be Friday, April 26th.

For the second straight year, the Toronto Maple Leafs lost to the Boston Bruins. In a great series, the Bruins defeated the Leafs at home with a 5 – 1 win. Now, the Bruins will begin their series at home against the team that eliminated the Tampa Bay Lightening, the Columbus Blue Jackets. To read more about this year’s Bruins road to the playoffs; be sure to check out our Boston Bruins Clinch Playoff 2019 post.

In the Western Conference, the Colorado Avalanche have advanced to the second round and will face the San Jose Sharks. And, the Dallas Stars and the St. Louis Blues will face each other in the second round.

Second Round Stanley Cup – Schedule

So, the second round series will open with the Blue Jackets visiting the Boston Bruins on Thursday, April 25th. Also tomorrow night, the Stars will play the Blues. In the Western Conference, the Dallas Stars will play the Blues tomorrow.

On Friday night, the New York Islanders will play the winner of today’s match-up. In addition, the Colorado Avalanche will play the San Jose Sharks.

Because many of the series went seven games; will some of the teams be tired? Or, will they be up to the challenge in their quest for the Stanley Cup?

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