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School’s back in session and today’s post is to help you with lice prevention. In the first place, there are over twelve million cases reported regularly in the United States.

What is Lice

So, if you’re unfamiliar with these pesky bugs; these wingless insects are blood sucking. Typically, they can feed on a human’s scalp and lay between 4 – 5 eggs a day. The eggs are known as “Nits”. Moreover, their sharp claws pierce the scalp.

Therefore, it can sometimes take weeks before someone is itchy. By that time, the problem has manifested.

School Year Lice Prevention

With kids back in school; lice tends to peak. Surprisingly, many individuals may be clean; however lice typically come from other kids.

In essence, these are primarily found in kids between 3 – 11 years old. Ironically, not only do they occur at this age range more frequently; but they also can often be found in all ages.

Above all, girls often are more prevalent than boys. Are you asking yourself “Why”?  Because girls tend to share hairbrushes, combs and headbands; they have a tendency to have this problem more frequently.

Lice Prevention

In fact, there are ways to prevent lice. Of course, every parent should check their kid’s hair sitting under a bright light. Consequently, lice is usually found in hair behind the ears or close to the nape of your neck.

If you see a gray, gray-white or tan spots; your kid has lice. Now that you have found lice or nits; you have to take steps to eradicate these pesky bugs.

Although these pesky bugs can be tricky to remove; there are steps you need to follow. Be sure to visit Grace’s NitFlix Story April 2019 post to learn about Grace’s formula to get rid of these bugs overnight.


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