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New year, but same place as last year, the Golden State Warriors 3-1 against the Cleveland Cavaliers. So, the finals are exactly the same as a year ago.

Golden State Warriors 3-1

With the finals being the same as last year, what is different this year? Now the game is heading back to Oakland, California.

The Golden State Warriors had the chance to finish the series and be 16-0 throughout the playoffs. Of course the Warriors were hoping to win game 4 and celebrate in Cleveland like they did in 2015. Since that didn’t happen, they are now heading home.

Now, the Warriors are no longer unbeaten in the playoffs. Because Draymond Green was suspended for Game 4 for a brazen foul, will he be the difference maker in game 5?

Cleveland Cavaliers

After the Warriors have dominated the first three games, the Cleveland Cavaliers came back with an impressive 137-116 victory.

Can the Cavaliers repeat the performance of a year ago? With the Cavaliers win, will this be the start of clawing their way back from behind to take the series?

Indeed, the Cavaliers are hoping to have a repeat performance liked they did in 2016.

Warriors v Cavaliers – Game 5

The Golden State Warriors will play the Cleveland Cavaliers, Game 5 at 9:00 p.m. EST. Can the Warriors finish off the series in front of their fans tonight?

Due to the Warriors having a strong home record this season, will their luck continue. During the regular season, the Warriors were 44-5 at home. Because of the Warriors strong home record, they are favorites to win the game tonight.

In addition, both teams have players that have scored a lot of points, rebounds and assists. Will Le Bron James and company keep the Cavaliers in the game? Additionally, Durant hasn’t scored under 31 games in any of the prior four games. What will be the difference maker in Game 5?


With Green back and the Warriors at full strength, will they win their third NBA championship in three years. As I discussed in a prior post, the Warriors should be able to win Game 5 and end this series tonight.

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