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Reopening schools is starting to look much different than the prior year. At the same time, many schools across the country have already opened their doors.

Reopening Schools this Fall

Due to these unprecedented times, kids have been learning remotely. Since some schools are going virtual until the end of the year; and others are giving the option of going back 2 to 3 days a week and virtually the other days, parents have to decide whether or not they want to send their children back or not.

Indeed, there are a lot of questions remaining. When it comes to the school curriculum, it is important for kids to continue their education in a productive environment.

So, the question remains how are kids doing studying remotely? Are kids spending more time playing games? To read more about this, be sure to visit our Play a Game Not Video post.

Reopening Schools – Parents are on the Fence

Since many parents are having a tough time sending their kids back to the classroom or not; they have a lot to think about. Of course, there are uncertainties and unanswered questions for both the parents and the teachers.

Pros of Going Back to School

Since many school districts are changing their protocol such as taking temperatures, keeping desks 6 feet apart, and having lunch in small groups; will this prove to be effective from keeping kids at risk from getting the coronavirus?

In my opinion, sending kids back to school is the best decision. After speaking to many kids and parents over the last month; I have learned they feel when they’re kids are in school they are learning more; not to mention, they have a better overall experience.

When kids are at home, their mental health is at risk. To learn more, be sure to read my Mental Health Awareness Month post about the importance of not only our physical health but our emotional and mental health.

Cons of Going Back to School

So, the biggest concern is will parents be putting their kids at harm by sending them back to school? Also, the question is – When the kids are studying remotely: are the kids doing the work, or are they getting help with it? How are papers being graded?

In essence, Covid-19 may go on for quite some time. And are you willing to keep your kids out of the classroom indefinitely?

So, the question remains – are you for remote learning or in-person instruction?