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Red Sox eliminate Yankees in the American League Divisional Playoff series last night. Since this was the Red Sox and Yankees first postseason meeting since 2004; MLB fans were exited to see these two rivals matched up. To read more about this series, visit our Yankees Red Sox Postseason 2018 post.

Postseason – Yankees v Red Sox in New York

In the first place, this series had plenty of excitement. When the Yankees evened the series in Boston 1 – 1, the  Yankees were looking forward to playing back in New York.

Although the momentum seemed to shift after the two games played in Boston; the Sox were ready to right the ship in New York. After David Price’s struggles in Game 2, there were concerns about the team. To read more, visit our Red Sox Playoff Struggles post.

However in Game 3 in New York, everything seemed to go wrong for the Yankees. First and foremost, Luis Severino didn’t seem to know what time the game started and warmed up late. By the time Severino was pulled from the game, the Sox were already ahead. From that point, the game continued on a downward spiral for the Yankees. The final score was 16 – 1.

Red Sox Eliminate Yankees

So, for Game 4, the Yankees were hoping to right the thrashing that took place the night before. With C.C. Sabathia on the mound for last night’s game, the team was hoping for better results. By the time Sabathia exited the game, the Sox were already ahead.

In the 9th inning, it seemed like the Yankees still had a chance. Craig Kimbrel was brought in to close out the game and quickly loaded up the bases. Around the ballpark, Yankee fans were hoping for a comeback.

Red Sox eliminate the Yankees on a ground ball that ended up being reviewed. But the play stood and the Red Sox went onto celebrate for the second time in New York in just a few weeks. Final score was 4 – 3.

With both teams having a great season, what moves will the Yankees make in the off-season?

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