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Play a game! However, not a video or game box. Since many parents are concerned about the number of hours kids spend playing video games; it is important that your kids balance their time better. When it comes to activities and school work; it is important that the kids feel they can plug into other things, other than a socket.

Play a Game

In the first place, kids are always looking for things to keep them occupied. Consequently, many kids are turning to video games. Meanwhile, it is important that you draw your kid’s attention away from gaming devices and channel their energy into schoolwork, exercise, and sports activities.

Why Kids Play Video Games

Indeed, video games aren’t just a source of entertainment for kids; but also adults are hooked as well.

Meanwhile, the reason kids are turning to games a lot of the time; is they’re not getting enough of other things they badly need.

Now, kids are home and spending their time learning remotely; it is time to channel their time after their school day is over to focus on:

  • Homework
  • Exercise
  • Projects
  • Sports

Play a Game Not Remote

When kids channel their energy into other outlets; they’re creating opportunities to achieve better results. Of course, a structured environment leads to motivation.  Be sure to visit our Kids Top Spring Sports post where you can find activities for your kids to get exercise.

With education taking place remotely throughout New York; now is the time to accomplish tasks at home.

Indeed, most kids miss the social interaction they encounter daily; however, it is important they connect with other kids and teachers virtually. To connect virtually, you can use Facebook or SKYPE.

Although you may have more homework now; it is important you use this time to push yourself.

In summary, now is the time to focus on your assignments and projects. After you have finished your schoolwork; use the time to exercise. Be sure to visit our We W.I.L.L. Thru Sports Covid-19 Update post to learn about Henry Perez’s weekly video program. Moreover, this is the time to learn some new exercise routines and focus on learning new drills.

Finally, when we return to some type of normalcy; sports are going to be an important part of our healing.

Use this time to learn new things and spend less time playing video games.