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Last night, the Pittsburgh Penguins repeat as back-to-back Stanley Cup Champs. Although the Nashville Predators were the lowest seed in the Western conference, they played well enough to get to the Stanley Cup finals.

Nashville Predators

Of course, it takes a lot to get to the Stanley Cup finals. And the Nashville Predators played with resilience throughout the playoffs. Even though they were the lowest seed, they fought back. As the 16th seed, they continued to play well and there was hope they would go all the way.

Although the team lost to the Penguins in game 6, they have to be proud of what they accomplished. Although they lost, they can take the off-season to move forward. Indeed, many of the players think they will get better and continue to improve.

Pittsburgh Penguins Repeat

So, the Pittsburgh Penguins have won back-to-back Stanley Cup Championships. In the first place, the Penguins became the first team in two decades to win a second consecutive Stanley Cup.

Although, it was hard to score for either team, the Pittsburgh Penguins came through later in the game to score a goal. They scored with only 95 seconds remaining in the final period.  In addition, they scored another goal in an empty net to win 2-0.

Penguins Stanley Cup Champions Again

Since 1991, the Pittsburgh Penguins have won 5 Stanley Cup Championships. In a short amount of time, the Penguins have won more championships than any other team in the NHL.

Also, in last years Stanley Cup finals, the Penguins beat the San Jose Sharks. Because of the Penguins dominance in the last two decades, they are an elite team in professional hockey.

In addition, this was the third Stanley Cup win for the Penguins, Captain, Sidney Crosby. Crosby is well known and this was his second straight Conn Smythe Trophy as the most valuable player.

In conclusion, the Penguins prevailed to win their Stanley Cup again.

As always, I welcome your comments in game 6 of the Stanley Cup.