Happy Birthday Mary Woods

So, today we want to wish a Happy Birthday Mary Woods for all that you do for us at We W.I.L.L. Thru Sports. Because you touch so many people by the great work you do; we couldn’t let this day slip without honoring your special day.

Houston Astros Win World Series

Of course, I was up late watching the Astros win the World Series last night. After Hurricane Harvey wreaked devastation in Houston; I was happy to see the city celebrate their baseball team winning the World Series.

New York Yankees Terminate Joe Giradi

So another one bites the dust and Joe Giradi was terminated. In the first place, Joe was with the Yankees for 10 years as a Manager for the team.

W.I.L.L. Regulators Basketball

So get ready for W.I.L.L. Regulators. First and foremost, Henry Perez is excited to roll out his new basketball program. This program will be much different from some of the other basketball programs.

Yankees Lose AL Conference Round

Although the Yankees lost the AL Conference Round to the Houston Astros, they have a lot to be proud of. Since the Yankees were underdogs in the playoffs; their post season ride was certainly exciting.

Thank you For Your Support

First and foremost, the Board of Directors of We W.I.L.L. Thru Sports would like to thank you for your support to last Monday, October 16th Fall fundraiser dinner.

October Sports Month 2017

When it comes to professional sports, October sports is a big month. With a new season, comes the only month of the year when all four professional sports teams are playing.

New York Yankees Exciting ALDS Victory

The New York Yankees exciting ALDS victory over the Cleveland Indians was a surprise. After coming back from an 0-2 deficit to beat the Cleveland Indians; they won 3 straight games to advance to the ALCS.

Fall Fundraiser Dinner Reminder

Because we’re all excited for next Monday’s Fall Fundraiser Dinner for our organization; today’s post is a peak into our plans for this event.

Yankees Beat Twins in AL Wild Card Game

The New York Yankees beat Twins last night in the American League Wild Card Game. In the first place, the Yankees fan base was excited to see their team make the playoffs.

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