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With kids and parents home, We W.I.L.L. Thru Sports decided to host a one day mini basketball camp. Of course, parents have their hands full with their kids home all day. So, with a basketball court in Dianne Wood’s backyard; the plans were made to have a game in the driveway.

COVID-19 Impact

Due to the worldwide impact, the coronavirus has had; everything has been on pause. To read more about the impact this virus has had on our sports program; be sure to visit our We W.I.L.L. Thru Sports Covid-19 Update post.

Due to Covid-19, we took all the necessary precautions such as having a non-touch thermometer and a Covid-19 screen test prior to participation.

One Day Mini Basketball Camp

When the kids were cleared; they were happy to be out of their homes. Because the kids haven’t exercised either indoors or outside; they were out of shape.

Both girls and boys were part of this one day mini basketball camp with Coach Henry and Coach Joe. In fact, the day began by Henry performing strength and conditioning exercises. After the exercises, Henry had the kids practice defensive drills and their shooting skills.

One Day Mini Basketball Camp

Although there had to be modifications for the kids who were less skilled; all the kids worked hard and put in their best effort. In addition, both Coach Henry and Coach Joe explained to the kids they have to work hard if they want to succeed in life. Also, they explained to the kids how important it is for them to put their best effort in and press forward.

One Day Mini Basketball Camp

With so much downtime in the last few months; Coach Henry could see the effect on the kids. Even though the kids were tired; they were enthusiastic and kept up their spirit.

In summary, we were grateful to all the parents who brought their kids and watched, while social distancing so their children could participate.

Of course, this day was much needed to return to some type of normalcy.

In summary, we couldn’t have had a better day and wanted to give a shout out to Coach Henry, Coach Joe, our Volunteers – Anissa and Tya, and to all the parents. Meanwhile, it is our goal to continue to have mini activities until things open up in the city.

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