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Since many teams had exciting victories in the first round, the NHL round 2 playoffs is set to begin. Now, there are eight teams left in the playoffs.

NHL Round 2 Stanley Cup Playoffs

Because the Toronto Maple Leafs and the Boston Bruins were the only team that went seven games, how will this play out in round 2? Now, that the Boston Bruins beat the Maple Leafs, we’re all set for Round 2 on the Stanley Cup Playoffs.

NHL Round 2 Eastern Conference

In the first place,, the number one seed, Tampa Bay Lightening will host the number 2 seed, Boston Bruins. Meanwhile, in the regular season, the Bruins dominated Tampa Bay. However in the last game they played in the regular season, Tampa Bay beat the Bruins by a score of 4 -0. Indeed, anything can happen in the playoffs.

Although the Washington Capitals have choked in the playoffs in the past, that wasn’t the case this year. So, now for the third year in a row, the Capitals have advanced to the NHL round 2 and will face last year’s Stanley Cup Champions, the Pittsburgh Penguins.To read more about last years win, visit our Penguins Repeat Stanley Cup Champs post.

NHL Round 2 Western Conference

In the Central Division, the number one seed, the Nashville Predators will play the number 2 seed, the Winnipeg Jets. Also, in the Pacific Division, the number one seed, the Vegas Golden Knights will face the San Jose Sharks.

NHL Round 2 Predictions

Now that the stage has been set for the NHL Round 2, the second round begins today. So, today the Pittsburgh Penguins will play the Washington Capitals and the Vegas Golden Knights will host the San Jose Sharks. On Friday, April 27th, the Nashville Predators will host the Winnipeg Jets. Finally, on Saturday, April 28th, the Bruins will head to Tampa to face the Lightening.

With eight teams remaining, who will advance to the next round?

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