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For Football lovers, the NFL season kicks off this week. As the season begins, we can look forward to the anticipation and excitement of Fall football.

NFL Season Kicks Off

So, this week begins the start of a new season. In the first place, the New England Patriots will open the season on September 7th against the Kansas City Chiefs. Because the Patriots won the Super Bowl last year, they will be raising the Championship banner. Moreover, many consider this game a rematch in the Division loss after the 2015 season.

Furthermore, Sunday will be a lot of NFL games at various times throughout the day. Also, Sunday night’s game of the week is the New York Giants against the Dallas Cowboys. Because this is the third consecutive year these two teams have met in the season opener, will the Cowboys continue their success from last season?

Finally, Monday night’s game of the week will be between the Los Angeles Chargers and the Denver Broncos. Will the Denver Broncos continue to have a good defensive team?

NFL Season Changes

Indeed, every year brings changes in professional sports. And, this year is no exception. In the same way, there will be some changes in the officiating of the games. Now, replay decisions will be made from New York. Of course, the referees’ will continue to play an important role in the replay decision by providing their input.

Because there are a lot of injuries, the NFL has made rule changes. This is especially significant to any injury to the head or neck. Since sports safety is important, this season we will see a new helmet with a soft outer shell. Moreover, this new helmet will help reduce the impact on head-to-head collisions.

As we have seen, players like to express themselves after making a big play. So, this season the rules have been relaxed. The NFL wants to allow the players to have some fun after making a big play. In my opinion, we may see some new dance moves.


As the season begins today, we can expect a season of unpredictable teams and players. With this in mind, will your team be a contender this year? Will your team advance to the playoffs?

As always, I welcome your comments.