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The NFL Season begins today. So, are you ready for kickoff. This season will begin with the Chicago Bears and the Green Bay Packers.

NFL Season Begins

Every year, there are always new players on a team and different coaches.

Not only is this an exciting time of year for football fans; but also we can look forward to the Fall season. Of course, every year, there are changes. Since the NFL is committed to any serious injuries; this season has new helmets.

In the first place, this season’s pass plays are reviewable Also, the Owners have agreed to protection for defenseless players. At the same time, this rule now prohibits a blocker to initiate any type of force. A penalty for this will result in a loss of fifteen yards.

In addition to pass interference, booth reviews this year will include the following:

  • If a penalty flag is thrown before a touchdown; the play will be reviewed to see if there was a score change.
  • Also, all point conversions will be reviewed by the Replay Officials.
  • Only players in uniform are allowed onto the field in victory of a celebration.
  • Offensive holding will be strictly enforced this season.
  • Strict helmet to helmet penalties will result in an ejection.
  • The offense has the opportunity to use any penalties committed by the defense for either a kickoff or an extra point or two in conversion plays.

NFL Season – Sunday Schedule

On Sunday, September 8th, twenty six teams will match up. And, on Monday, September 9th, there are four teams playing.

Because the New England Patriots won the Super Bowl; all eyes will be on them as they host the Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday night. Be sure to read our New England Patriots Win Sixth Super Bowl post to learn about last year’s  teams victory.

Although this is only Week 1, what teams do you think will be contenders this year? Indeed, the road to the Super Bowl is difficult. Be sure to read our NFL Divisional Rounds 2019 post to see what teams made the Divisional Rounds.

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