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So, the divisional playoffs are over. When the divisional weekend games started; there were eight teams. Now, four are remaining. Let’s take a look at how the games ended up.

Divisional Playoffs – NFC

No doubt, there were several upsets this weekend. For more on the Division Round; visit our NFL Divisional Playoffs post.

For the first game on Saturday; the Philadelphia Eagles played the Atlanta Falcons. Arguably, many predicted the Falcons defense would upset the Eagles. Still, a surprise to see the Number one seed as the underdog. Although the Eagles started off shaky; they played much better in the second half. So, with a score of 15 – 10; the Eagles advance to Sunday’s NFC Championship Game.

In my opinion, the game between the Minnesota Vikings and New Orleans Saints was an exciting divisional playoff game. Although the Vikings came out with a 17 – o lead in the first half; the Saints came back in the second half. With several lead changes in the final minutes of the game; the Vikings scored a touchdown with seconds remaining on the clock. Now, the Vikings will visit Philadelphia to take on the Eagles next Sunday.

Divisional Playoffs – AFC

So I was excited, especially for the AFC match-up games. For the first game in the AFC divisional round, it was the New England Patriots playing the Tennessee Titans. After the Titans beat the Chiefs; there were some question marks if the Patriots would have trouble with their offense. However, the Patriots had no problem with the Titans. Now, the Patriots will host the Jaguars this Sunday.

Another exciting game was the Pittsburgh Steelers against the Jacksonville Jaguars. After seeing the wildcard games; I didn’t think the Jaguars had a chance against the Steelers. But, I was wrong. In an exciting game, the Jaguars came out ahead in the opening quarter with 2 touchdowns. In my opinion, the Steelers lost the game due to poor coaching decisions. In summary, the two teams had 87 points between them. The final score was 45 – 42. Now, the Jaguars will head to Foxborough to face the Patriots.

So, this weekend will be the Divisional Playoffs. Will you be watching the conference match-up?

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