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After the Wild Card Weekend, the NFL Divisional round of the playoffs is set. First and foremost, there were surprises in the Wild Card match up games. For more on the match ups; visit our NFL 2018 Playoff Picture post.

NFL Divisional Playoffs Rematch

So this upcoming weekend, we will be seeing two rematches from the regular season. Meanwhile, we will see the Number 2 seed, Pittsburgh Steelers host the Number 3 seed, Jacksonville Jaguars. Although earlier in the season, the Jaguars beat the Steelers; based on yesterday’s game against the Bills; I don’t think the Jaguars have a chance against the Steelers.

Also, when the Jaguars beat the Steelers earlier in the season; Ben Roethlisberger had five interceptions. Since that game, the Steelers have had a good season.

In the same fashion,the Minnesota Vikings and New Orleans Saints first game was against each other. Although the Vikings won that game; a lot has changed on the Saints side. With the Vikings having home field advantage; they’re the favorite to win this game.

NFL Divisional Round

For the first game in the NFL Divisional Round; we will see the NFC, Number 1 seed, Philadelphia Eagles play the Number 6 seed, Atlanta Falcons. Although the Falcons started their season not playing well; they have turned their season around.

Since many didn’t expect the Falcons to beat the Rams in the Wild Card Game, the Falcons defense may upset the Eagles. Although the Eagles seemed like the team to beat earlier in the season; they have since showed cracks in their game.

Meanwhile, in the second game in the NFL Divisional Round; we will see the AFC, Number 1 seed, New England Patriots play the Number 5 seed, Tennessee Titans. So, the Titans upset against the Chiefs was unexpected.

Although the Patriots have a strong running game; the Titans defense could pose a problem.The Titans strength in running the ball could pose a problem for the defensive weakness of the Patriots.

Ultimately, the Patriots are favored; but anything can happen in a one game playoff.

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