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With the Yankees season ending today, this year’s team has had success, injuries as well as some promise from their rookies. When Aaron Boone took over the team, there was a lot of hope for this year’s team. Check out our New York Yankees Hire Aaron Boone¬†post to read more about his background.

New York Yankees Season

In the first place, this season started with high expectations for this year’s team. After coming off a great year in 2017, there was a lot of hope for Yankee fans. First and foremost, the acquisition of Giancarlo Stanton was a bold move for the Yankees. Although Stanton won the National League MVP last year, his first year in pinstripes has had highs and lows. Although his power numbers are there, the batting average and strikeouts are up. To read more about Stanton, visit our Yankees Acquire Giancarlo Stanton post.

Yankees Season Rivalry

No doubt, the rivalry is back between these two teams. From the first meeting of the year, it was clear that both the Red Sox and Yankees rivalry was on. To read more, visit our American League East MLB 2018 post. In their second meeting, Joe Kelly hit Tyler Austin. Since than, Austin was traded.

However, the two teams have had mostly one sided games throughout the season.

Yankees Season Hits, Misses and Injuries

At the same time, this year’s team has had highs and lows throughout the season. Indeed, one of the bright spots of the year was the emergence of Gleyber Torres. No doubt, this 21 years old has had an impressive first year in the majors.

Although Luis Severino started the year strong, his second half has had a lot of question marks. Since many consider Aaron Judge to be one of the best players on the team, his injury kept him out of the line-up for two months.

With the Yankees being active leading up to the trade deadline, they have made a lot of moves to bolster their bullpen. In addition, the Yankees have broken a record for having the most home runs in the MLB. Yesterday, they hit their 265th home run.

Now, the Yankees can get ready for their one game wild card playoff game against the Oakland Athletics. Whoever wins this game will be heading to Boston to face the Red Sox for the American League East Championship series.

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