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The New York Yankees exciting ALDS victory over the Cleveland Indians was a surprise. After coming back from an 0-2 deficit to beat the Cleveland Indians; they won 3 straight games to advance to the ALCS.

New York Yankees Exciting ALDS Victory

So, after the Yankees beat the Twins in the ALDS in the Wild Card game, no one thought they had a chance against the Indians. When the Indians won 22 straight games in September, they looked like the team to beat in the playoffs.

Since the Indians seemed to have a lot of momentum on their side, what happened? Did they peak to early last month? Strangely enough, the Indians team suddenly seemed to be in a slump. At the same time, their offense and defense came to a sudden halt.

In the final two games of the ALDS, the Indians committed 7 errors and the Yankees capitalized on their poor defense. The Yankees scored 7 unearned runs in two games. Indeed, the Yankees rallied to win the last three games against the Indians. Additionally, the Yankee’s pitching staff came through in the ALDS. Moreover, the pitching staff only gave up 5 runs over the last three games.

New York Yankees Season

First and foremost, the Yankees have had a great season. When they needed to count on their offense, the team came through. By and large, the Yankee’s pitching staff, bullpen and defense all came together.

After the Yankee’s lost in Game 2, there seemed to be questions about Joe Giradi. Because this year, many of the management and coaches don’t have contracts, will they be back next year?

New York Yankees v Houston Astros

With the Yankees exciting ALDS victory, they are set to meet the Houston Astros. Since the Astros had the better record, the series will open up in Houston.

So, the ALCS schedule is as follows:

  • Game 1 will be from Houston on October 13th – TBA – on FS1
  • Game 2 will be from Houston on October 14th – TBA – on Fox
  • For game 3, 4 and 5 – they will be in New York, October 16, 17th and 18th. TBA – on either FS1 or Fox
  • Game 6 and 7 will be from Houston on October 20th and 21st, TBA – on either FS1 or Fox

In summary, this series format is the best of 7. Which team will win? Will the Yankee’s advance to the World Series?

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